How can we use technology to help solve some of Ghana issues?

Can technology help solve some of the country’s issues? if so in what areas and how?

Sometimes i feel the issue of solving problems is tackled from a wrong starting point (tech == DIGITAL tech == mobile app or website or AI or embedded device) which makes it difficult to bring meaningful workable solutions but I could be wrong.

I think tech should be like a tool not the main solution. Meaning not all problems will need a DIGITAL tech like an app or AI or something. I mean there are so many facets of “tech”. There’s materials engineering, chemical. There are even psychological ways to solve problems but digital tech always prevails in tech convos.

I would rather we look at the problems we have, identify the pain points and then imagine if those pain points are gone. Then see what can help us realise that. I could be wrong but I feel like most times we think about it in a “What app could I build to solve sanitation?” instead of “what are the pressing challenges in sanitation and how does/can anything help/ fit into a solution”. We almost have enough apps on the app stores.


We could built platforms to store patient documents and they wouldn’t need to have a folder in every hospital they visit…blockchain makes this possible

Mobile Diagnosis
We could start with Malaria…
Buy getting data on the areas that are highly likely to be suffering from Malaria and tha patients symptoms we could quickly identify whether the patient is suffering from malaria and to recommend drugs and allow the AI to learn from its interactions with the patients…

Drone delivery
My Gf just called, She is travelling for 1hour/car to thr hospital with her mum for her to talk her monthly diabetes medications. Her mum isn’t the only one having to travel on very bad roads to get to the hospital.

We could have a drone company that partners with these hospital to deliver drugs to the people…
A real working solution…
Forget Zipline it is a government campaign

Payment Systems
Not much to say here already said a lot.

Last year a Yutong bus loaded people going to Kumasi only to crash at kintampo with another bus and the buses caught fire a great number of prosperity was lost…if you take this and a whole lot data on car crashes in Ghana you will see a pattern…

With this pattern you can create solutions…

When the crash happened, I thought I am going to create an AI that could see in the dark and at a long distance and this AI would have access to the breaks of the car and a way of warning the driver of far away incoming cars and if the driver doesn’t pay heed, it could apply breaks…

I was going to give it out for free.

I could go on and on and go but I was rest here(Typing on my phone)

If it were up to me, we just go large scale with providing IT services to companies outside for now, build up our human and capital resources, then the next or better question will be what do we do with our skills and money next.