How did you acquire your skills you have today?

How were you able to become as good as you are today? what resources were instrumental in getting you to this stage?

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I think the first step for everyone is to figure out how best they learn. You will have to learn how to learn. Once you do that, then you can learn anything. Learning how to learn is the way to optimise your learning process.

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True about what @bubu said. I am so glad I figured out earlier that videos were not for me and so had to stick with books. That meant having to actually spend money getting these though it’s proven to be a great investment looking back now.

Also, I can’t stress enough how important it is to have someone who is experienced nudging you in the right direction when you’re just starting out.

Continuous learning. I don’t remember the last time I went a whole day without trying to read something new. I read a new book almost every two weeks and I still feel like I have so many gaps but yeah this is what keeps me at this level.

For me it was through constant practice. Videos worked very well and they still do for me.

Reading docs. Building projects with what I learn. Giving back to the community via platforms like Stackoverflow. There’s a lot to learn by helping others.

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