Is Pixel Perfect web HTML/CSS design really possible?

You’ve been given a UI designed in a user interface design software, such as figma.

Is it remotely possible to get a pixel perfect version of the figma design? Where pixel perfect means, the measurements, in pixels, as shown in the figma, is 100% exactly as in the version displayed in the browser?

No its not possible as this would mean you have to account for all browsers, all operating systems, all devices on the market. Even if you were to cater for only a subset, you would still have quirks in browsers as new updates gets released. It’s easier to push pixels around in a design tool than it is to do so in actual code.


When you see a job that requires pixel perfect design, run for your life.

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For some of us, it’s a learning experience. We might come out at the other end with PhD certificates in CSS.

‘Who could have thought?’