Should one rewrite code from scratch?

So I just came across this question, and it got me also thinking.

“Should you rewrite your application from scratch, or is that “the single worst strategic mistake that any #softwarecompany can make”?”

I’m inclined to answer automatically as “It depends”, however, I prefer to call it “refactoring incrementally”, than say “rewriting”.

Yeah I would also say refactoring nut not from scratch

It depends. There are too many factors to consider when doing something like this.

  • Is it already in production?
  • Are there plenty of users?
  • Is it bug ridden and so old that we have no one who can maintain it?
  • Does the team think a new piece of technology might give it major improvement of what is already there?
  • Is it just a side project?
  • Is it just a fun project?
  • Is incremental updating of the current code worth the hassle?
  • Is Chuck Norris involved?
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Yes. Plenty users. In this scenario, let’s assume there are at least 10 million users.

Nope, not bug ridden, but maintenance and upgrades is getting more and more troubling


Nope. Live, production, impactful application


Maybe. In this scenario, not entirely sure.

Chuck wouldn’t pick our calls!