The Payment Gateways in Ghana

Which one is your favorite?

One that doesn’t exist as yet I think. Right now I dislike all of the ones available in Ghana. The issues I have with them are:

  • Most of them aren’t well documented
  • Their API is a mishmash of something that humans can’t understand
  • You probably need to sacrifice a goat in order to get them to work
  • Their SDK was written by themselves for themselves

Documentation is a big issue. The solution imho is for these organizations to make available the role, Developer Advocate

I recently tried an API which was using REST, but accepts application/x-www-form-urlencoded instead. I kept hitting it with an application/json and kept getting errors.


This is also very common, and very disappointing. Roping in actual users i.e developers in the early stages of the building of their application/API should help prevent this scenario.

Hoping we could have some common gateways shared in this thread too.

Which one do you use, or have used before that worked relatively well, @silentworks?

reason why i still haven’t tried testing any with my wip job board i’m working on. I’m not really experienced and i do not want to play around with people’s wallet and api.