Unpopular Opinion: Rent in Accra is Cheap, Very!

Rent in Accra is relatively Cheap!

A C/H Self Contained at Haatso going for 700 Cedis (~$130$) for a month

I remember paying 3,500 Rands (~$232) a month for a single room share in Maitland, Capetown.

Get it? Room Share! Not even self-contained. About 3 apartments shared the same washroom and kitchen.

Am I seeing it all wrong?

I’m moving to Accra and looking for a place, an Chamber and Hall Self Contained, anywhere near Okponglo Junction. I’m laughing like killer looking at the prices.

I’m not sure what people are referring to when they say rent in Accra is expensive.

The downside I see is the AOT (Ahead of Time :crazy_face:) payment of the rent, as in Capetown, it was a monthly payment thing.

The 24 months AOT is what makes it annoying. You could start a company with that moneyv you know.

Fair point. How about we start a company with our monies combined, however, we sleep under the Circle bridge, for, only-God-knows how long until when we can break even, and heck, turn out profit in order to afford a single room self contained

@khophi I would consider it cheap if I had to pay it on a monthly basis but that’s not the case. You would be even lucky to get a 1-year advance. It’s mostly 24 months like someone mentioned. And oh, we all know Ghanaian companies don’t pay well - I have a lot of friends who have been transparent to me about their salaries and its mostly 2000 cedis and below. A single room self-contain at the average apartment in Ghana is 400 cedis which is 9,600 for two years not to even mention utility bills which are on the average 60 - 100 cedis. The rent situation here is a total crap-show.

And personally, I don’t think its financially wise to spend more than 10% of your net monthly on rent but looks like most working class people are spending 25%+ on rent alone. So bottom line is, might be relatively cheap elsewhere but the 2-year advance is not it. Not to even mention the huge gap in quality in the housing facilities compared to what we have here.

Lemme start from this.

Quality? I was sharing the same room with someone. His bed here. Mine there. Imagine a single room, and sharing it with another person, and paying 1.2k Cedis a month! Room wasn’t tiled.

You’re paying 700 Cedis for tiled room chamber and hall self contained. You’re blessed!

I totally agree. This model of rent payment is totally crazy. But on the flip side, this Ahead of Time payment is as a result of track records of tenants. You know the drill.

So to cut all troubles short, pay me 2 years. I don’t have to come chasing you every month. No one has got time for that.

If the average tenant would even remotely pay their monthly rent on time, I’m sure that wouldn’t have been an issue.

It’s a defense mechanism by landlords. Have you tried chasing a stubborn person for your money before?

Yes, so true. Salary isn’t good on the average here.


I wouldn’t mind spend even up to 30%. A good peaceful night sleep and a stone throw from work and all amenities will be all. So I would pay even up to 30% depending on what I stand to get.