[Week 2] Who's the Head of State?

According to the Ghanaian constitution, the order of persons that can be Head of State are President, Vice President, Speaker of Parliament, Chief Justice, in decreasing order of preference order. That is, the Vice President can become Head of State if and only if the President is unable to perform their duties. Likewise, the Chief Justice can become the Head of State if and only if the President, Vice President, and Speaker of Parliament are incapacitated.

Given a list of these roles, you’re required to judge who in the list is the most qualified Head of State. All possible roles are:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Speaker of Parliament
  • Chief Justice
  • MCE (can appear multiple times)
  • Mayor (can appear multiple times)
  • Member of Parliament (can appear multiple times)
  • Citizen (can appear multiple times)


  • You can loop through the list just once, and with the pop and length operations. (All other array/list operations are prohibited)
  • You cannot rebuild the list

Example input and expected output:

[Vice President, Chief Justice, Speaker of Parliament] => Vice President
[Chief Justice, Speaker of Parliament, Vice President, President] => President
[Speaker of Parliament, Member of Parliament, MCE] => Speaker of Parliament
[MCE, Mayor, Chief Justice] => Chief Justice
[Member of Parliament, MCE, Mayor] => None