What are some of your new year goals?

What are some of your goals for the new year.
NB: It doesn’t have to be only related to tech. It could be anything.

I have a few things I want to accomplish this year.

  • Creating a few video courses online
  • Start doing DevCongress workshops
  • Buy a house
  • Build an online portal to help showcase more African devs
  • Migrate the DevCongress community away from Slack
  • Learn Spanish

This is bold one, and exciting. In my case, not a house, but plots of land for a start. With 15k cedis, I learn I can get about 5 100x100 lands in Koforidua. A giant goal for this year.

For me, getting better and pushing even more quality content to my YouTube channel is a primary target too.

Then also acquire the mirrorless camera of my dreams later in the year, so as to resume photography (like proper photography) ending or beginning next year.


Probably should have said buy an Island then. :rofl::rofl:

Is this legit? like do you get land title and all?

Yes, and Yes

Of course, these lands are not in the middle of the city in Koforidua. From the CBD to where these lands are is about 5-10km

Not extremely remote though. To be precise, the area of where the dot on the map is, is where these lands I’m referring to are. Map

2k cedis for a 100x100. You own the land afterwards (I guess that’s what land titles mean)

Are you building a state of the art STEM facility by any chance? :joy:

I won’t rule that thought out. By pulling resources together, it could even be better.

Keep exploring serverless options for dev and stay hydrated!

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Become a CoFounder and CTO (already achieved)

Learn C
Learn Assembly
Learn Elixir
Built more projects with the Nodejs
Built more projects with Django
Start bounty hacking
Start a YouTube channel
Make USD7k this was a secret hitherto


This is the kind of energy I need.


Create an 8 week flutter masterclass.

  • Save enough to quit my current non-tech related job
  • become better developer than in the previous year
  • beat imposter syndrome to a certain level
  • find an internship as a gateway into the web dev job market
  • and finally get into javascript

Oh that’s pretty awesome

Very good. I dey your back. More vim

Bubu please do let me know when you start

Wow, you will go higher dude

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When you finally start learning let abena = 17;
and need any assistance don’t hesitate to reach out

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Let’s practice Spanish together when start

If you’ll need a help/service in recording, editing and producing those video course, I dey. :sunglasses: