What Happened To PayPal Going “Live” In Ghana In 2019?

As at now, I personally don’t see anything we miss from not having PayPal.

I like the options presented in the article.

Do these other options work as expected?

At this point, PayPal entering Ghana isn’t any more big deal for me. I’m not sure what they’ll do differently, considering the finance and banking sector in Ghana is professionally chaotic.

Skrill is here now too. Hopefully we will benefit from using it

Here as in, in Ghana?

I just checked their site and Ghana Cedis isn’t listed in the currencies. Something I’m missing?

Ohhok i see. Haven’t been there yet but i saw a couple of devs talking about it. Illl try and get a link

How big is it a deal that know Ghanaian developers have created a payment gateway?

I mean everyone is complaining and as software engineers, we are problem solvers rights? Why hasn’t anyone stepped us to save our asses?

I would like to think there is

  • Mazzuma
  • Slydepay
  • Hubtel
  • expressPay
  • Paystack
  • Flutterwave

and others around that have done this.

I mean none of them can replace Stripe, nor has Stripe replaced any of them. We live in Africa, not Europe or North America.

What they all lack is proper developer experience, but this is something PayPal lacked when it was first introduced too, so if we give them some time, they will catch up.

I mean think about it, I would think the majority of people in Accra (my opinion, not fact) don’t have a credit/debit card that they use online. I mean most shops around are just starting to accept credit/debit cards.

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Great reply…all what I wanted to hear…HOPE