What technology are you learning right now?

What technology are you currently learning?

What resources are you using to learn said technology?


New role requires my use of react in continuation of already existing codebase

Resources? Google primarily.

Also making use of the react docs

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On the non-paying side, I liked working with Elixir so I decided to try Erlang. I’ve bought the two (arguably definitive) books on Erlang (by Joe Armstrong himself) and OTP. So far it’s turning out great. I don’t have any projects in mind so learning has become a little boring. But we’ll see.

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I didn’t know you were still learning Elixir, I though you were all in Golang?

Unfortunately Go is yet to pay the bill. At my last job I used Elixir and like it very much. But I still use Go for my side projects and throwaway programs. In that sense it’s quickly replacing Python.

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Nothing new on my end. Though on the non-paying side, I had been learning some Ruby and Rails (yes, not on… I actually read a whole Ruby book) for future galamsey work. So… same old boring technology :man_shrugging:

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I haven’t really had time to learn anything outside of the job, so on the job I am mainly learning more about Firebase Realtime Database and TypeScript.

I would like to learn more Golang if I get the time, but I need to get over my dislike for its syntax first.

Yeah that syntax is probably the reason why I too haven’t picked up GoLang. And what’s with those many spaces? 8 spaces? Is that in the style guide or something?

Curious here.

Why not using/learning Firestore instead?

Because we need the realtime part and in part we have built an ORM based on Firebase Realtime Database and don’t have time to port it to Firestore now, plus Firestore still carries that beta tag on it.

Laravel, NodeJs , Express and Vue Js

Have been learning how to organize technical teams. Also been writing some Nim (I love the closeness to python in terms of syntax) these days.

Gridsome (Vue: Can achieve almost perfect lighthouse scores) and Faunadb

Nice, I explored Gridsome in its early days and it was looking very interesting at the time. I have looked at Faunadb and I still can’t work out what the fuss is about it, some things seem even harder to accomplish in it from my limited knowledge of it or maybe my mind is stuck in relational database mode.

I have been active on Gridsome (Discord channel) and the slack community for (Faunadb). I started both 2 months ago. The learning curve was a roller coaster initially. Interesting thing about Faunadb is, I had to rethink Relational DBs and NoSQL. Once I was past that block, things have been progressive. The Fauna community on slack is very good. My workflow for Fauna uses their graphql api and cloud console. I could answer some questions related to Fauna and Gridsome.