What's your win this week?

Are there any wins you bagged this week?

In my case, I’m starting a new role and finished paperwork this week. Pretty excited to begin next week

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I watched Korean drama.

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Interesting win there. Not sure it’s a win. Why you didn’t like Korean drama at first? And by Korean, is it the North or South one? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I literally work 24/7 its a habit I am trying to break.

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Glad you’re working on breaking that. You might wanna take a long healing session break for yourself like @yaw did recently.

He’s come back so strong, no one is winning an argument with him.

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We should actually have a hangout in person day every other weekend. I think this would help break away from work and just do more social stuff without work being a part of it. And I mean these hangouts shouldn’t turn into us talking about work, it should be just talking about anything else, maybe Korean dramas or Anime (yes I am one of those people) or something else.

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I relocated and realized my only property is a Coffee maker and my Macbook. lol

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Don’t conflate taking a break from DevCongress with taking a break from work.


Look on the bright side. No difficulty in relocating

You should discuss F1 and fast cars more